Elite Series

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Premier’s flagship drumset range is the culmination of a production history spanning every key move in modern popular music. Crafted from the highest quality materials, Elite gives you drums as true musical instruments.

Not reliant upon just one type of drum shell, our use of North American maple and birch offer the Elite player detailed control of their own sound. Each tom and floor tom shell is undersized by 3mm allowing the head to seat flatter over the bearing edge extending the resultant tone and sustain.
Birch produces very strong mid to top end frequencies and maple is well known for its inherent focus of lower mids; built as a 7-ply un-supported shell. Drummers looking for power and projection or warmth and articulation are well catered for. Gen-X is our unique offering with a 7-ply shell combining both our carefully chosen birch and maple in a well researched ratio (2-ply birch on the outside and 5-ply maple on the inside) that delivers the key sonic features of the two.

The Premier Series Elite is the ultimate offering for any drummer. We are proud to offer 40 stunning finishes which include vibrant woodgrain lacquers and lustrous sparkles in a combination of even-coat, fade, or burst applications.
For the full array of available finishes, click here.


Choice of three exciting shell options:
- North American maple
- Birch
- Gen-X

5.7mm 7-ply un-supported shells

3mm undersize (toms and floor toms)

Internally lacquered shell

Diamond Chrome lugs

Flush-fit ISO mount

Nyloc lug insert prevents detuning

Claw hook with protective rubber liner

Integral memory lock

Drumheads by Remo