About Us


Serving drummers worldwide since 1922, Premier has remained at the forefront of percussion design and development. A long established company that is rich in history and tradition, Premier’s name has been associated with a wealth of star performers in many musical genres not only at home in England but all over the globe. From the monster set-ups of stadium filling rockers to the compact kits championed by the jazz community, Premier continues to deliver ‘must have’ instruments.

The vast experience and knowledge gained during this exhilarating journey has given us unrivalled expertise to craft our instruments to the highest standards.

The Musick Ltd Story

Our story began in earnest when founder Ross Musick received his first drumkit back in 1996 - an Indigo Quartz Premier APK. After nearly two decades as a percussion educator, a performer, and a communications and marketing professional, he decided it was time to shake up the American music scene. Frustrated by the style and quality missing from so many mass produced percussion instruments available today, he partnered with Premier bring legendary British design and innovation back to North America. We believe in bringing to American musicians affordable drums that look great on stage and sound great in the studio.