A natural progression for advancing drummers who desire that unmistakable Premier sound. Restyled low-mass lugs, ISO mounts and an all-birch shell contribute towards the impressive levels of sustain, resonance, and projection that Artist offers.


The next natural step for the advancing drummer, Artist comprises of an all-birch shell – a feature found on many iconic Premier kits for over 60 years, and one that remains integral to that classic Premier sound.

Artist shells are crafted from a 7.5mm, 6-ply construction. The choice of a thicker shell yields exceptional projection that’s suitable for small, intimate venues, without the need of amplification from a PA system. Birch also provides a bright, articulate tone with fantastic weight and attack, making it also suitable for home recording and streaming.

All mounting hardware has been designed to increase durability, enhance sound quality, as well as improve the tuning stability of each shell. Inspired by the rich heritage of Premier’s memorable past designs, the restyled low-mass lugs boast Art Deco characteristics that evoke a touch of class. Not only does it increase the overall aesthetic appeal, when paired with the ISO suspension mounting system, the lugs allow the shells to freely resonate, improving their overall tone, resonance, and performance.

Performing with Artist is like having your own drum tech on demand. The all-new rack and floor tom brackets utilise an integral memory lock design that ensures each tom retains its precise positioning. The rack toms are also mounted from the bass drum for maximum playing stability, no matter how dynamic your performance may be. Both features are real assets for those who regularly rehearse, or perform, and need a quick set-up and pack down.

Artist is a great all-rounder thanks to the inclusion of a matching 14” x 5.5” all-birch snare that works perfectly in unison with the bass drum. The versatility of the snare makes it suitable for undertaking any musical task, regardless of genre.

Easy to recognize thanks to its centerpiece, the famous “P” badge, Artist kits are available in a range of gloss lacquer finishes that increase the kit’s durability against wear and tear which will inevitably come with continued use.

Providing reliability, great aesthetics, and most importantly, that distinctive Premier sound, Artist is the natural choice for the drumming greats of tomorrow.