Genista Series

One of Premier’s most successful drum sets of all time, Genista is the first choice for professional drummers seeking distinctive style and legendary sound. Now in its third generation, Genista boasts exclusive new features, stunning new finishes, and exciting new configurations. Available in either 100% maple or birch shells, Genista toms are 5.6mm (7-ply) while the bass drum is 7.2mm (9-ply). In the classic Premier style, all toms are 3mm undersized for easier, more positive tuning and clearer sound quality. A range of stunning high gloss lacquer finishes and internally lacquered shells mean you'll always look and sound your best. Features like upgraded rack tom ISO mounts and integrated floor tom leg memory locks keep your drums exactly where you want them, gig after gig and session after session. With virgin bass drums now standard across the range, you'll enjoy maximum tonal resonance and low-end frequencies. With iconic design, lustrous finishes, and legendary sound, Genista has been reborn to be the choice of a new generation.



• Pre-configured shell packs

• Choice of 100% maple or birch shells

• 3mm undersize shell diameter (toms)

• 5.6mm (7-ply) un-supported tom/snare shells

• 7.2mm (9-ply) un-supported bass shells

• 10-lug bass drum (8-lug on 18” bass drum)

• Choice of seven gloss lacquer finishes

• Internally lacquered shell

• ISO mounting system

• Virgin bass drum

• Die-cast claw hooks

• 2.3mm triple-flange steel hoops

• Choice of matching add-ons and snare drums


BeBop 18

12x8T/14x14F/18x14B Shell Pack

Fusion 20

10x7T/12x8T/14x14F/20x16B Shell Pack

Rock 22

10x7T/12x8T/16x16F/22x18B Shell Pack

Crossover 22

12x8T/14x14F/16x16F/22x18B Shell Pack

Stage 24

13x9T/16x16F/24x14B Shell Pack

Icon 24

13x9T/16x16F/18x16F/24x14B Shell Pack

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